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An official company website link along with videos & useful information is on the following pages. Take your time & learn all about it.We are part of a professionally managed trading pool. Fund your account & you are in the pool. Our weekly results are below.

The Power Of Compound Interest!

Say you have $100 & earn 10% interest. You now have $110. Reinvest that $110 and earn 10% you now have $121 and so on. Continue adding profit to principle & reinvest.

- Mathematical Example Only -

The chart below shows a starting balance of $500 x 3% interest compounded weekly. This is the power of compound interest! We link to a financial calculator below so you can see for yourself. Our results are below the calculator.

YearInterestTotal InterestBalance

At 3% the 'break even point' is about 6 months.

"Compound Interest
is the 8th wonder of the world.
He who understands it, earns it.
He who doesn't, pays it."

- Albert Einstein

Calculator Instructions: Enter deposit, % weekly,
# of years, compound weekly. Click calculate.

- Our Weekly Results -

Weekly payouts started on September 13th 2019 and have successfully paid out every member since then. Most recent on top...

Past performance not indicative of future earnings.
Weekly results vary. Real trading is taking place.

Fridays DateWeekly Results
2022 ⬇️ 
August 192.85%
August 123.12%
August 053.64%
July 293.36%
July 223.19%
July 153.30%
July 083.27%
July 014.03%
June 242.78%
June 173.14%
June 102.97%
June 033.06%
May 272.84%
May 201.38%
May 130.65%
May 072.79%
April 293.08%
April 223.71%
April 152.85%
April 081.85%
April 012.98%
March 253.18%
March 183.45%
March 113.21%
March 043.07%
February 251.75%
February 183.30%
February 113.14%
February 043.01%
January 281.85%
January 213.25%
January 144.10%
January 072.36%
2021 ⬇️ 
December 313.14%
December 243.30%
December 172.86%
December 102.48%
December 033.20%
November 263.14%
November 192.95%
November 123.63%
November 053.21%
October 293.50%
October 223.80%
October 153.26%
October 083.40%
October 013.40%
September 242.98%
September 173.38%
September 103.04%
September 033.27%
August 273.18%
August 203.52%
August 133.35%
August 063.44%
July 303.27%
July 233.30%
July 162.92%
July 092.88%
July 024.18%
June 253.40%
June 183.25%
June 113.18%
June 043.32%
May 283.20%
May 212.15%
May 143.70%
May 074.11%
April 303.64%
April 232.77%
April 163.29%
April 093.58%
April 023.70%
March 263.43%
March 193.61%
March 123.77%
March 053.56%
February 262.14%
February 194.03%
February 123.73%
February 053.67%
January 293.48%
January 223.87%
January 153.90%
January 083.78%
2020 ⬇️ 
December 184.20%
December 113.32%
December 044.03%
November 273.01%
November 203.61%
November 133.40%
November 063.84%
October 302.46%
October 233.70%
October 163.44%
October 093.97%
October 023.58%
September 253.55%
September 183.72%
September 114.11%
September 042.48%
August 283.30%
August 213.60%
August 144.03%
August 073.14%
July 313.87%
July 243.76%
July 173.61%
July 104.20%
July 033.33%
June 264.13%
June 193.46%
June 122.22%
June 053.95%
May 293.20%
May 223.82%
May 154.09%
May 084.26%
May 013.70%
April 243.18%
April 174.51%
April 103.08%
April 034.18%
March 274.04%
March 204.31%
March 132.30%
March 064.10%
February 283.30%
February 212.40%
February 145.10%
February 074.70%
January 314.20%
January 245.80%
January 174.00%
January 105.00%

More in back office under
Performance Reports...

Warren Buffett -

“My wealth has come from a
combination of living in America,
some lucky genes, and
compound interest."

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- Zig Ziglar

Simple How-To Videos

Register | Deposit | Compound | Withdraw

Simple How-To Videos

Register | Deposit | Compound | Withdraw

Simple How-To Videos

Register | Deposit | Compound | Withdraw

Simple How-To Videos

Register | Deposit | Compound | Withdraw

It is very simple to get started!

If after reviewing the information on this site
and the company site you still have questions

Contact us.

It really comes down to registering and then funding. Registering is as easy as name, email, password, secret question, etc. Typical stuff used for any website you join.
You have 48 hours to fund your account after registering so please have crypto ready.

Where it might get complicated for some is funding with Cryptocurrency, either Bitcoin(BTC), Litecoin(LTC), Ether(ETH), or USDT(ERC-20) If you have experience using those it will be easy.The simple guide below is to get you started if you have not used Bitcoin before. If you know what you are doing, go ahead and register and fund! There is an example of funding below.Be sure to visit our 'How To' video section on this site for help with registering, depositing, compounding and withdrawals.

Oh No ... Not Bitcoin!

Some find BTC scary or confusing. Think of it as just another currency. If you go to a foreign country you need to convert your currency into local currency to buy things you want.For example, in Mexico you need to convert your money into Pesos. Going to Moscow? You will need Rubles. Much of Europe? Euros.For our purposes BTC is the currency we need to fund our account. You need to use some of your currency and convert it to Bitcoin. Now is the time to take the bull by the horns. It's easy!Some exchanges let you buy bitcoin but they do not give you a wallet to store it in. With Coinbase you can buy & store in one place. It is a great place for newbies to get started.*Debit/Credit Cards are faster (instant) but hooking up your bank account is cheaper (up to a week) for both purchases and withdrawals.

Using Coinbase

Great menu in video description on YouTube

Example: Funding account with Coinbase.

Presentation With CEO & COO

More Videos & PDF below...
Some Company Information

  • Started in June of 2019. They are a registered hedge fund and Forex broker.

  • They trade cryptocurrency on behalf of all members (including US members) while they trade Forex only for non-US members and their accounts show this.

  • There are 4 US states that are not crypto friendly and they have chosen not to do business with members from these states. It is not that they cannot operate in these states but they prefer not to. These states are Texas, South Carolina, Hawaii and Nevada.

  • They possesses the necessary licenses to do exactly what they do and are very mindful to only do what they are allowed to do as this is why some companies run into problems.

  • They trade cryptocurrency and forex via trading bots that are managed by tried and tested traders (all traders go through a rigorous trading/performance evaluation before they can trade on our behalf.) and this is the reason why they have been so consistent for so long.

  • At any one time they are only trading with a fraction of our funds and are only in the markets long enough to make the necessary income to pay us, pay themselves and pay the traders. Other than this they are out of the markets.

  • Everything that they pay us (and themselves and their traders) comes from PROFIT and none of our funds are used to pay anyone else. This is why they can afford not to bring in new members and still be able to pay everyone week after week.

  • As time has passed, their focus is now on longevity and to ensure that they can continue to pay everyone every single week via the least risky way possible. They realize and recognize that trading is risky and to mitigate this risk they have begun to diversify our funds into other income generating projects

  • The long term goal is to be able to supplement trading with a series of low risk income streams and to then be able to offer the membership a choice of a higher risk/higher reward option as well as a lower risk/lower reward option.

  • For the trading aspect, they allow every member to deposit into their PAMM account (which is a grouped account) and these funds are traded on our behalf. They then pay us a percentage of of these profits every Friday and have been doing so since June of 2019.

  • This opportunity is totally passive as you simply need to log into your back office every Friday (FRIPAY!) and determine if you would like to withdraw your weekly profits (your weekly paycheck) or add it back to your trading account so that the following week you earn on even more funds.

  • Referring others is optional but available if/when someone feels comfortable enough with the opportunity and what they are earning to want to share this with other. They reward you for doing so.

  • Your trading deposit is available to you at any time for withdrawal so that your trading profits that you receive weekly are pure profit and not just your deposit being "drip fed" back to you like some programs do.

  • If you withdraw your trading deposit within the first 90 days there is a 15% charge ( this is so that people cannot take advantage of the referral aspect of the program) but after 90 days you receive your entire trading deposit back.

  • It is highly unlikely that anyone will withdraw their trading deposit though but it is an option that is available should you need to.

  • Your weekly earnings never stop and you receive your payout every week for as long as they are trading on your behalf.

Q & A With The CEO

Message From The CEO

Interview With Chief Technology Officer

Grant Cardone Is 1 Smart Cookie!

Updated PDF used in the presentation.
The video at top of page goes into much more
detail in certain areas like trading and is a
must see. Please take the time to watch.

Feel free to contact us

If possible please ask the person
who invited you here your question first.
Most answers are on this site
and company site. Thank you.

Privacy Policy

We do not collect or store any information.

Financial Disclaimer

You must be at least 18 years or older to participate in Novatech FX. Novatech FX trades in both the forex and crypto currency markets which carry substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for everyone. Please be sure to do your own due diligence and your own research. You do not need to join Novatech FX to get started with Forex Trading and can independently do so.

Example Only: $500 x 3% Compounded Weekly

YearInterestTotal InterestBalance

Get A WEEKLY Compounding R.O.I!

Important! After you register your account -
- Complete Profile & Know Your Customer.
- You will have 10 days to fund your account.
See 'Training Videos' & 'Help Desk' for FAQ's.
Funded with Bitcoin. See our guide below.

Compound Weekly

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"A dynamic combination of passive investing,
easy to duplicate marketing, and community."
- M. Zeigler, Investor

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Put some
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YOUR money to work for you!

  1. 100% Transparent. Owners and staff are profiled and accessible.

  2. Located and licensed Hedge Fund in Florida for Crypto Trading

  3. Licensed and registered outside the U.S. for forex trading services.

  4. A certified and registered provider of MetaTrader for folks who wish to actively trade

  5. Able to close your account and withdraw entire balance at any time (HUGE safety net)

  6. Diversified profits from trading, BTC ATM machines in Florida, and upcoming Visa Debit Card where your BTC can be withdrawn to and used.

  7. Going on 2 years of steady growth and available worldwide.

  8. Belong to the best supportive team and work with the top servant leaders in the company! We treat all our members equally and like family!

  9. Safe enough to bring in your family and friends!

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